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Improving Human Health

@Home Biomarker Testing Designed for Everyone
Clinically Accurate Wireless Biomarker Platform
YouCount is a health-tech company engineering next generation, at-home medical devices utilizing machine vision, analytics and sensors for bio-marker detection.
  • Clinically Accurate
  • Easy to Use
  • At-Home Testing
  • 2-minute Test Results
  • Private and Secure
  • Machine vision
  • Advanced analytics
How it Works

Step 1

Collect a sample of urine 

Dip the Test Strip

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Step 2

Insert Test Strip

Results in 2 min

Frame 862.png

Step 3

View results of biomarkers

graphically or analytically

HealthCheck Platform

For Specialized Patient Care

Prenatal Care

HealthCheck Platform

✔ Enables pregnant women to take urine tests at home.

✔ Clinically accurate results.

✔ Securely shared with Healthcare provider.

Yoga Class

Kidney Care

HealthCheck Platform

✔ Enables patients to complete guided ACR urine tests at home.

✔ Results in minutes.

​✔ Alerts healthcare practitioner of abnormal results.

  • ​A smart solution for Health Care Professionals to remotely monitor patients and improve tele-health consultations. 

  • Healthcare providers can monitor their patients' urine biomarkers remotely for better remote patient care outcomes.  

  • HealthCheck is a smart platform engineered for any patient to use at home rather than the need to bring the patient to a clinical setting for a trained clinician to perform a urine test.

  • Healthcare providers receive the results wirelessly as soon as the test is completed allowing for better remote patient consultation in a tele-health environment.

  • Software dashboard allows for easy access to real time data and analytics.

  • Patients no longer need to visit busy labs or clinics for routine urine testing.

  • Improves patient outcomes with instant results and real time response to accurate testing data.

BodyCheck Platform

Accurate Consumer Testing at-home
Workout Lesson

Ketone Test

BodyCheck Platform

BodyCheck with our Ketone Strip accurately measure and track your daily ketones at home in minutes and integrate that into your fitness and meal plan.

  • BodyCheck is a smart platform designed for consumers to use at-home to monitor  health and fitness related biomarkers. 

  • BodyCheck reads both test strips:

    • Ketone Test Strip

    • UTI Test Strip

  • Ketone Testing has never been so easy, efficient and accurate in the home.


  • Take a daily urine test in the morning to record useful biomarkers in your urine. 


  • Do this over time, and you will build a picture of your ketone biomarker levels to get to know  your body.

  • With accurate ketone testing, there is no need to guess when your body enters and exits ketosis and for how long it lasts.

  • Athletic enthusiasts and professionals alike can accurately plan out their meals and fitness.


UTI Test

BodyCheck Platform

BodyCheck with our UTI Strip accurately test for urinary tract infections (UTI) from the privacy and comfort of your home.

Coming Soon
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