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Interested in Partnering with YouCount


Partners such as pharmaceutical companies, researchers, government agencies, hospitals, clinical studies, advance their commercial success by utilizing YouCount's smart platform, HealthCheck, to record and track biomarkers in urine, thereby enabling partners to conduct their studies remotely and monitor results in real-time.  


Researchers - Are you running studies where your research analysis would benefit from real-time urine tests with patients at-home using seamless access for real time analytics?  Contact us on how to deploy HealthCheck in your research.

Pharmaceutical Companies - Are you running clinical trials with patients and would benefit with clinically accurate at-home urine analysis to monitor outcomes your theratputics?  We have Healthcare Professional Dashboard for real time data analytics.  Contact us to advance your clinical trials.

Clinics - Are you looking to provide your patients with at-home urine analysis to improve your patient remote monitoring practice with real time access to information for better outcomes during Tele-health consultations.  Contact us to discuss how you can introduce HealthCheck into your practice.

HealthCheck Offers

  • Clinically Accurate Results in 2 Minutes

  • Proprietary Testing Platform Guides the Patient for Eliminating Human Error

  • Patient Testing from the Comfort of their Home - anywhere and anytime

  • Results transmitted to Partner instantly for real-time analytics

  • Partner Dashboard is an easy to use interface for Healthcare Practitioners

  • Private and Secure

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