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BodyCheck Platform

BodyCheck Platform

BodyCheck is a smart platform designed for people to use at-home to monitor their health and fitness related biomarkers. Accurately measure and track your daily ketones at-home in minutes and integrate results into your fitness and meal plans.


Ketone & Hydration Testing has never been so accurate, easy and efficient to measure at home. 


BodyCheck Details:


  • Smart Platform – Detects, records, alerts and tracks bio-markers over the long term.


  • Clinically Accurate – Our smart analysis platform has been tested under FDA trial protocols and compared to clinical grade devices has demonstrated to produced equivalent results. Our machine vision and advanced sensor technology reduces human error during at home testing.


  • Improves Outcomes – Real time & frequent biomarker testing improves fitness goal outcomes because BodyCheck Platform provides more accurate and timely data.


  • Analytics - Over time, your biomarker results create an analytical baseline of information for the you to establish better health goals.  


  • Alert system – Frequent testing enables accurate alert system for when the body enters ketosis or exists ketosis better than traditional tests.


  • Fast – 2 min test versus hours for patients to access labs and days for doctors to receive results. 


  • New Tests Regularly – Due to our smart, multi-sensor biomarker platform, we can introduce new biomarker tests annually (or more frequently) to expand the scope of your use of BodyCheck.

    With your purchase of the BodyCheck platform, you will receive:

    50 FREE Ketone Test Strips

    to start your health journey on the BodyCheck platform.

  • Return & Exchange Policy

    BodyCheck Unit

    If BodyCheck should stop working for any reason, please follow these steps:


    1) Contact Customer Support at:  A technical support representative will assist you to resolve the technical issue and if it is determined that BodyCheck requires replacement, you will be provided with shipping details to return the product.


    2) Upon receipt of your BodyCheck unit, Technical Support will determine if the unit can be refurbished or replaced. Thereafter, a unit will be shipped to you so that you can continue with your health journey on the BodyCheck platform. 


    We want you to have a happy experience with BodyCheck and know we have your back during the customer experience.  


    Urine Test Strips

    Individually wrapped urine test strips can not be returned.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of test strips can I use with BodyCheck?

    BodyCheck reads two test strips: Ketone & Hydration Strips and UTI Strips (coming soon). When you purchase the BodyCheck Platform today for Ketone & Hydration Testing, you will receive 50 free individually wrapped Ketone & Hydration Strips. Additional Ketone & Hydration Strips can be bought separately here



    How is BodyCheck different?

    • The problem with matching the resulting colour of a test strip to a printed colour chart is that it often yields inconsistent results.  BodyCheck is the first controlled light source urine test device available in the consumer market, which means clinically accurate reading of strip results. 

    • All test strips are individually wrapped for quality control.


    Is BodyCheck clinically tested and approved?

    Yes! BodyCheck is clinically accurate as the product has been tested according to FDA required standards put in place by the Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute. 



    Will BodyCheck work with my phone or device?

    Our BodyCheck app will be available to download on iOS or Android devices. 



    How are reports prepared specifically for me?

    Depending on your settings, test results are available via a table or graph format and are uploaded automatically onto your BodyCheck app, which will allow you access all your test results on the go. 



    Is my data safe?

    BodyCheck is a HIPAA compliant product. 

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