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YouCount empowers consumers to monitor their long-term health and wellness with accurate, at-home, easy-to-use and inexpensive urine testing. 

Our platform tracks biomarker variation in urine, thereby enabling users to make informed health-related choices in real-time.  


Our HealthCheck platform is for the remote monitoring market for doctors to prescribe to their patients to complete at-home urine tests.  

Our BodyCheck platform is designed for consumers to use in the home to track their health and wellness. 

  • Clinically Accurate

  • Home based

  • Easy to Use

  • Test Anytime

  • Instant Test Results

  • Private and Secure



With the current health pandemic, now in particular, there is a real need for remote testing in the home to keep patients out of the hospital and clinics.  

Doctors can prescribe the HealthCheck system to their patients, so the patient can easily complete urine tests at home. 

The HealthCheck system has been designed for the average person to use rather than a trained clinician. 


The doctor can receive the results as soon as the test is completed and be alerted if there are abnormal results.



Track your biomarkers so you can monitor how your diet affects your body.  Diets such as Ketogenic, Atkins, Vegan, Alkaline, Paleo and others.



Track how your exercise and fitness affects your body through monitoring your biomarker levels.



Track your biomarkers over time to build an understanding of your unique levels and get to know your body.

How it Works

Step 1

Collect a sample of urine 

and dip the Test Strip

Step 2

Place Test Strip in Aqua

Results in 2 min

Step 3

View results of biomarkers

graphically or analytically

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