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Improving Human Health

@Home Biomarker Testing Designed for Everyone
Clinically Accurate Wireless Biomarker Platform
YouCount is a health-tech company engineering next generation, at-home medical devices utilizing machine vision, analytics and sensors for bio-marker detection.
  • Clinically Accurate
  • Easy to Use
  • At-Home Testing
  • 2-minute Test Results
  • Private and Secure
  • Machine vision
  • Advanced analytics
How it Works

Step 1

Collect a sample of urine 

Dip the Test Strip

Insert test tray

Step 2

Insert Test Strip

Results in 2 min

BodyCheck App

Step 3

View results of biomarkers

graphically or analytically

HealthCheck Platform

Specialized Patient Care at-home

Prenatal Care

HealthCheck Platform

✔ Enables pregnant women to take urine tests at home.

✔ Clinically accurate results.

✔ Securely shared with Healthcare provider.

Yoga Class

Kidney Care

HealthCheck Platform

✔ Enables patients to complete guided ACR urine tests at home.

✔ Results in minutes.

​✔ Alerts healthcare practitioner of abnormal results.

  • ​A smart solution for Health Care Professionals to remotely monitor patients and improve tele-health consultations. 

  • Healthcare providers can monitor their patients' urine biomarkers remotely for better remote patient care outcomes.  

  • HealthCheck is a smart platform engineered for any patient to use at home rather than the need to bring the patient to a clinical setting for a trained clinician to perform a urine test.

  • Healthcare providers receive the results wirelessly as soon as the test is completed allowing for better remote patient consultation in a tele-health environment.

  • Software dashboard allows for easy access to real time data and analytics.

  • Patients no longer need to visit busy labs or clinics for routine urine testing.

  • Improves patient outcomes with instant results and real time response to accurate testing data.

BodyCheck Platform

Accurate Consumer Testing at-home
Image by Quino Al

Ketone & Hydration Test

BodyCheck Platform

Accurately measure and track your daily levels at home.

✔ Clinically accurate results.

✔ Securely view on mobile app

✔ Results in 2 min

✔ Integrate into your fitness and meal plan.

  • BodyCheck is a smart platform designed for consumers to use at-home to monitor  health and fitness related biomarkers. 

  • BodyCheck reads both test strips:

    • Ketone & Hydration Test Strip

    • UTI Test Strip

  • Ketone Testing has never been so easy, efficient and accurate in the home.


  • Take a daily urine test in the morning to record useful biomarkers in your urine. 


  • Do this over time, and you will build a picture of your ketone biomarker levels to get to know  your body.

  • With accurate ketone testing, there is no need to guess when your body enters and exits ketosis and for how long it lasts.

  • Athletic enthusiasts and professionals alike can accurately plan out their meals and fitness.

Senior Tourist

UTI Test

BodyCheck Platform

Accurately test for urinary tract infections (UTI)

✔ Test in privacy and comfort of your home.

✔ Clinically accurate results.

✔ Securely view on mobile app

✔ Results in 2 min

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