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Empowering Consumers with Personal Biomarker Information

Our device enables a user to test biomarkers at home using simple urine tests

Clinically Accurate

Home based

Easy to Use

Test Anytime

Instant Test Results

Private and Secure

Woman & Doctor

For Doctors

For Prescription to your Patients

At-home monitoring technology for patients, can help lower costs for health institutions and patients.

Monitoring regular urine test from the patient's home can inform/alert doctors on patient status.

Home-Based Tracking of Patient Urine results

Standard panel urine test

Daily results sent to health practitioner

Alerts doctor of abnormal results

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For Consumers

Track your biomarkers so you can monitor how your diet affects your body.  Diets such as Ketogenic, Atkins, Vegan, Alkaline, Paleo and others.


Track how your exercise and fitness affects your body through monitoring your biomarker levels.


Track your biomarkers over time to build an understanding of your unique levels and get to know your body.

How to Use

Three Easy Steps

Step 1 - Collect a sample of urine & dip the Test Strip

Step 2 - Place Test Strip in unit. Results in 2 minutes

Step 3 - View results of biomarkers graphically or analytically

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